"Fit for Culture" workshop

On Friday, May the 5th our colleagues from QualityMinds and Quality Technology Solutions attended the "Fit for Culture" workshop hosted by Tara Majumdar in our Nuremberg office. Tara, who comes from India, works as a trainer and coach for international business communication. Modern technology and globalisation bring together people from various continents and cultural circles but it does not necessarily mean that they understand each other well. And since we interact on daily basis with partners of different cultural backgrounds, we wanted to further develop our intercultural competences.

The workshop focused on understanding work-related cultural differences, conflict management and developing new strategies for improved communication. With a huge dose of humour and excellent examples, Tara explained to us how various nations interpret the concepts of time, punctuality, planning, teamwork and hierarchy. Needless to say, the results differed substantially from country to country! Now we know why the French like business lunches so much; why the Chinese and the Japanese are so sensitive about losing their face and how to avoid it; or why the Germans seem to be obsessed with punctuality and efficiency. And it was just the tip of the iceberg!

We enjoyed this workshop very much and recommend it to anyone who is interested in intercultural communication at workplace!


Picture: Izabela Wilkosz