Culture workshop "Conflict Management"

Last week we participated in a culture workshop "Conflict Management".

Educational Justice with QualityLearning

Dr. Vera Gehlen-Baum held a lecture at the United Nations headquarters in NY.

QualityHeroes Podcast ist here!

Today we are proudly introducing our German-speaking QualityHeroes podcast!

QualityMinds wins the Gesundheitseuropa 2017 award

On November the 3rd we received the „Gesundheitseuropa 2017“ award at the BGM Congress in Munich.

5th anniversary of QualityMinds

We celebrated our 5th anniversary with our friends and families.

Agilität ist Kopfsache

The September issue of the SQ-Magazin includes an article about our company.

QualityHub Team Event 2017

QualityHub celebrated its team event in Regensburg.

QualityMinds is an innovation leader

QualityMinds GmbH is one of the leading innovators among German small and medium-sized businesses. The company was awarded the "TOP 100" seal by Ranga Yogeshwar, Professor Nikolaus Franke and compamedia during the 24th edition of this prestigious competition.

TestBash is coming to Germany!

It's official: TestBash Germany will take place on October the 6th in Munich.

QualityHub at the UN session in Vienna

A Diplomatic Council delegation, including Thomas J. Graebe from QualityHub, participated in a session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna.

Innovation Day 2017

We met at the Munich office last week for our annual Innovation Day. As usual, it was all about new ideas, creativity and teamwork.

"Fit for Culture" workshop

On Friday, May the 5th our colleagues from QualityMinds and Quality Technology Solutions attended the "Fit for Culture" workshop hosted by Tara Majumdar in our Nuremberg office.