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In software engineering, quality is introduced through testing and controlled through requirements. We offer you quality assurance services with focus on testing and requirements management. Agile approach in projects is our specialty.

Our core competences in the field of software system testing are: test design, test automation and test management. Every testing project requires a solid strategy in each of these areas. In test design the requirements and testing frequently cross paths - our experts in these respective fields often work hand in hand.

Quality assurance in software engineering is a compex topic reaching far beyond testing. That is why we are also experts on software architecture and platform management.

Core competences

We have a network of expert teams dedicated to specific quality assurance themes:

Testing Essentials

Testing improves quality, which in turn leads to higher confidence in the developed software systems no matter their complexity or the methods used to test them. Our core competences are:

The test management cycle  - from planning to final report – is a process that we perfected while working in numerous projects.
In test design we deploy risk based testing techniques: black box testing, white box testing or experience-based testing.
If you look for added value, automation is the answer – whether keyword or behaviour-driven.

Added value through quality assurance – that is our goal.

Agile Testing

We help our customers switch from classic development to agile approach.

Agile development requires testing teams to fundamentally adjust  their testing processes to the new approach. Being agile means continuous dialogue with developers. Test cases and software are being developed simultaneously and therefore funtionality testing can take place during the development process as well as after the product launch. 

We provide consistent quality improvement for customers in various fields of software development.

Our core competences are:

  • Agile Testing (ATDD, BDD, exploratory testing, etc.)
  • Management in an agile development environment
  • Coordination in highly dispersed agile teams (offshore)

Sandra Elster


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Mobile Testing

One has to be mobile to test mobile!

Mobile apps and their role in software development are not a trend anymore – they are an integral part of the technical sector and our daily life. Testing mobile apps is a big challenge due to the numerous and diverse devices, not to mention different user surroundings: while shopping, hiking, etc. 

The key to successful mobile testing is a good strategy and familiarity with apps, both of which we deliver with ease since we are mobile too. The fclassic testing focuses on factors such as: usage environment, small display size, sensor technology and various network providers/platforms.

Ron Werner | Team Lead Mobile Testing


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We live Mobile

Requirements Engineering

„Quality from the beginning“ is the key to a successful requirements engineering. Our mission is to achieve the best possible understanding of requirements within project teams.

The results of a requirements analysis constitute the groundwork for both the developer and the tester. The goal is to get rid of the traditional separation of responsibilities and to define and implement a requirements process that would satisfy all project stakeholders. In particular, we have an eye on the testability of your requirements from the very beginning.

No matter whether you apply an agile or a classic development process: we know which RE methodology should by utilized in a given situation in order to achieve your project goals on schedule.

Vera Gehlen-Baum
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The real art of requirements discovery is discovering the real problem



The quality of software is partly determined by its architecture. Our main task as architecture consultants is to prepare the outline for software and IT architecture; we take care of technical, functional and non-functional requirements.

We believe that software system architecture is not only a matter of technology. Therefore it is important to us to provide comprehensive consulting services. We advise on topics like scalability, availability or maintainability taking into account the specific organizational, legal and financial aspects of the client's company.

Architecture consulting in its entirety