Welcome to the team, Wiebke!

Our company is getting bigger and bigger! This fall we welcomed a lot of new colleagues – it’s time to introduce them properly - ladies first!

The End of Summer

Summer's over, there's no doubt about it. Here at QualityMinds, we found a way to make that relaxed and sunny groove last a little bit longer - we look back at our holiday photos!

SoCraTes 2015 – Unsere Erfahrungen

Wir, das sind Robert Bossek und Stephan Merkel, haben am 28. und 29. August die SoCraTes 2015 in Soltau besucht. "SoCraTes" steht für "Software Craftsmanship and Testing".

Project Quality Day at the EclipseCon Europe 2015

QualityMinds is the official partner of the Project Quality Day at the EclipseCon Europe 2015 conference. Visit us on November 4th in Ludwigsburg!

Wie Planung, Erfolg und New Work zusammenhängen

In der New Work Unconference in München am 12. Juni 2015 sprachen wir...

IHK Industrie Kerwa in Nuremberg

On October 8th QualityMinds will participate in the IHK Industrie Kerwa.

4 th Testing Day Franken in Erlangen

QualityMinds will be the official partner of the 4th Testing Day Franken organized by the ASQF. Visit us on September 16th at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen!

Workshop on Testing Strategy

Each product, project and organisation is different. In terms of testing, the topic of the overall strategy for Quality Assurance and Testing is of high importance.

German Testing Day 2015

One of our favourite annual testing events, German Testing Day, took place between July 15th and 17th in Frankfurt/Main.

Diplomatic Council Summer Celebration

There aren’t many organisations out there which try to change the world for the better.

Ein QualityMind als Chairman des Global IT Forum im Diplomatic Council

Thomas J. Graebe, unser Head of Sales, ist zum Chairman des DC Global IT Forum ernannt worden. 

Thomas ist unser neuer Geschäftsführer für den Bereich Sales!

Thomas ist seit dem 1. Juli unser Mind Nr. 1 im Bereich Sales.