to be different

Freiraum um anders zu sein

Quality is measured in success and results

We are an agile company with a clear purpose: to provide high quality in IT-projects. We achieve this goal thanks to our content and highly motivated employees. Our customer service is based on three foundations: people, business and technology. They have to work in perfect balance to guarantee success. Quality is not a coincidence. We work together with our customers on their projects, we set things in motion and help the clients navigate through the complexity of modern IT.

excellent methods

From testers for testers! We develop our own methods for quality assurance in IT-projects during numerous hands-on sessions and then share our results with the testing community. We want to create added value for our customers.

strong company culture

You can only be good at things you do with pleasure. That is why we encourage our employees to work on topics they feel passionate about. Each of us is an expert on some topic. It gives us the opportunity to learn from each other and from our customers.

a playground for employees

Our company culture provides the framework for our success. It consists of six principles which define our work and the interactions with our colleagues:

we are people and we work with people

The employees and the customers are our main focus. We make sure that everybody gets along well - both professionally and personally. We would like to introduce some of our colleagues:

who do we work for?

We work as consultants in various projects - big and small. You will find us in many sectors: automobile, banking, industry, insurance and public service. We work in vdiverse environments, both from the technological perspective (Java, .NET, Oracle, etc.) as well as the methodological one (V-Model XT, Scrum, Kanban, etc.).