Dr. Vera Gehlen-Baum

Dr. Vera Gehlen-Baum is now managing director

We are happy to announce that Dr. Vera Gehlen-Baum was appointed as new Managing Director of QualityMinds GmbH on the 5th October 2018. Together with the other Managing Directors Dr. Michael Mlynarski, Robert Fleming and Thomas Graebe, she will further drive the company forward.

Vera has been working at QualityMinds for over three years. As the founder and team lead of the QualityLearning team, she has introduced and employed many people to QualityMinds. With QualityLearning, we have not only improved our own learning process, but also gained a great team and many satisfied customers.

Alongside her new responsibilities in the operational area, Vera will still be responsible for the Quality Learning product and shares the leadership of the QualityLearning team with Susanne Ambros.

In her role as General Manager, Vera's goal is to further strengthen QualityMind's communication and agile approach, to promote agile learning, and to support individual team development - always with a view to what we need to improve for our colleagues and our customers.