Innovation Day

Innovation Day 2018 bei QualityMinds

Every year we have an internal Innovation Day at QualityMinds. For that reason, our QualityMinds gathered together for a whole day to be inspired by lectures and workshops and to develop new ideas. This has already been the driving force for innovative projects within QualityMinds.

This year was mainly about recent technological developments such as virtual reality and augmented reality, internet of things, 3D printers, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our QualityMinds were able to experience these technologies first-hand: at various stations the technologies were introduced and our Minds could try them out. For example, there was the opportunity to discover a virtual meeting room and write on a virtual whiteboard.

The employees then had the possibility to develop their own ideas for these new technologies in teams. Initially, areas of application were collected on our Future Wall. Then each team chose one of them and developed interesting ideas for the application field and presented those ideas. 

Conclusion: The Innovation Day was again very successful this year! Our Minds did not only learn, experiment and develop new ideas, they also had the possibility to meet and exchange ideas with their colleagues who often work in customer projects. We hope that this event results in cross-team innovative projects.

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