Klima schützen mit Kernkompetenzen

As a company, do we have a social responsibility? A responsibility that goes beyond a legal framework?

These two questions came up when one of our colleagues asked whether he could devote a couple of his working hours to a topic that was close to his heart. A topic that concerns us all: the protection of the rainforest. Christian Krause has been volunteering for Rainforest Connection (RFCx) for about 2 years now and since January 2017 we, QualityMinds, actively support him in his project.

What is Rainforest Connection

The environmental non-profit organisation transforms used mobile devices, high sensitive microphones, and solar panels into "forest guardians". They are placed in the treetops in rainforests around the world and transmit all sounds to a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI). The AI, Gaia, is trained to localize numerous sounds: from chainsaws to birds and can distinguish whether they are potential threats to the forest and his wildlife or not. When the RFCx system detects and registers poaching or deforestation, it sends real-time alerts to rangers who can stop the illegal activity.

This system not only helps to guard the rainforest and its flora and fauna. The indigenous people who have lived in these areas since time immemorial profit from this technology. It protects people from unscrupulous poachers who do not hesitate to take human lives. With constantly updating RFCx systems, new applications are being added: a tool for locating rangers in the given area, tracking endangered animals for conservation of the species, and a user app to hear into the depths of the rainforest are just some of the programs enabled by RFCx technology.

And how do QualityMinds support this project? We do what we do best. "WE LOVE TESTING." Christian's task is software testing in all exciting areas of its development. He supports the colleagues across all test levels and test phases. In 2018, QualityMinds and Rainforest Connection established a long-term partnership. 

As you can see, we at QualityMinds have taken the questions seriously and started to work on our social responsibility. We believe that it is our obligation to think outside the box.

The Harvard lecturer Michael Porter has developed the thesis that the purpose of a company cannot just be the achievement of profit; It only gains its right to exist when it strives to create "social values".