The QualityHub

Three specialists under one roof

Das QualityHub – Software Testing, Entwicklung, IT-Architektur und IT-Betrieb unter einem Dach.

Home of software quality

QualityHub offers excellent ideas and IT solutions to help enterprises achieve an exceptionally high quality level in their coroporate IT.

Each company within QualityHub is unique and follows its vision with passion. We are dedicated to the quality of work, service and products. We share the same values and company culture. Our cooperation brings great results in everyday operations such as sales, delivery and learning process.

Each QualityHub company works in its own specific field of expertise and supports the others on technological level within a shared infrastructure. An internal team takes care of IT administration, marketing, corporate finance and recruiting tasks for the entire QualityHub. 

Thanks to its unique internal structure, QualityHub can expand and accept further companies that share our concept of quality as well as our value system.

QualityHub speaks the common language of quality

In the IT environment a hub radially connects various devices and helps them communicate with the outsideworld as well as with other networks. QualityHub unites our companies and their respective fields of expertise under a common roof, helps them communicate with each other and with the customers. 

QualityHub is based on joint communication principle: “Focus on Quality“. This guideline is the essence of all our services and products; it provides an orientation point to all our companies, our teams and our employees. 

The companies within QualityHub

QualityHub consists of three companies with unique know-how and fields of expertise.

QualityMinds focuses on QA and testing in agile software development.
Quality Technology Solutions dedicates itself to software development and architecture.
QualityOperations takes care of IT business and management.

QualityMinds, QA und Software-TestingQuality Technology Solutions, IT-Architektur und SoftwareentwicklungQualityOperations, IT-Betrieb und Management

QualityMinds, QA und Software-Testing

QualityMinds – we are quality assurance experts in agile software development.

The QualityMinds team is passionate about quality assurance and software testing. Our specialists cover the broad spectrum of software engineering, help our customers throughout the concept phase and offer them operational support. Our core competences include: test design, test automation, test management and mobile testing. Agile project environment enables us to use these skills to the fullest extent. Our strong company culture – the groundwork of cooperation powered by our team spirit and engagement of our employees – is the playground on which good players can achieve their full potential. 

Learning, self-organisation and trust are the pillars of leadership in our company – we are all about openness and sharing. Our management supports the employees via individual coaching, continuous learning opportunities as well as offering them time for pursuing their own creative projects (up to 20% of their working hours). Everyday work at QualityMinds is about learning together and self-improvement. We are true to the principles of agile methodology in customer projects, cross-disciplinary team tasks, during internal workshops as well as in professional goals of our employees.

Management: Dr Michael Mlynarski, Robert Fleming, Thomas J. Graebe

Quality Technology Solutions, IT-Architektur und Softwareentwicklung

Quality Technology Solutions – we set the benchmark for quality in software development and architecture.

Having fun while working is the motto of all our company activities – our employees and customers profit from it.

We strive to deliver solutions which will delight our customers – whether for software architecture, design or application development. Our team believes that technical aspects are not all that architecture of a software system is about. Therefore we take a holistic approach to architecture consulting and software development: next to scalability, availability and serviceability, we always consider specific organisational, legal and financial factors of a given company.  

Our portfolio includes:

  • agile, platform-independent and web-based software development
  • enterprise and system application architecture
  • product development


Management: Michael Fischer, Jörn Martens, Robert Fleming

QualityOperations, IT-Betrieb und Management

QualityOperations – we build a base for quality in IT business.

Our experts focus on delivering high quality service in all functions and processes of IT operations. We guide our customers through the sensitive and sometimes tricky phase between software development and its business implementation. We are able to identify potential  breakpoints between application development and IT operations and help our customers avoid them before they even occur.

QualityOperations supports other QualityHub companies in their core competences. We are responsible for the concept and navigation of IT operations and together with QualityMinds and Quality Technology Solutions we offer a holistic set of IT solutions.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Operations
  • Environment management
  • Infrastructure 

Management: Michael Fischer, Thomas J. Graebe

Alliances with QualityHub

The QualityHub promotes community and develops active and lasting relationships. Here you can find some of our alliances:

Suppliance AGSoftware RingDiplomatic Council