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Quality is our passion

In software engineering, quality is introduced through testing and controlled through requirements. We offer you quality assurance services with focus on testing and requirements management. Agile approach in projects is our specialty.

Our core competences in the field of software system testing are: test design, test automation and test management. Every testing project requires a solid strategy in each of these areas. In test design the requirements and testing frequently cross paths - our experts in these respective fields often work hand in hand.

Quality assurance in software engineering is a compex topic reaching far beyond testing. That is why we are also experts on software architecture and platform management.

Core competences

We have a network of expert teams dedicated to specific quality assurance themes:

Testing Essentials

Testing improves quality, which in turn leads to higher confidence in the developed software systems no matter their complexity or the methods used to test them. Our core competences are:

The test management cycle  - from planning to final report – is a process that we perfected while working in numerous projects.
In test design we deploy risk based testing techniques: black box testing, white box testing or experience-based testing.
If you look for added value, automation is the answer – whether keyword or behaviour-driven.

Added value through quality assurance – that is our goal.

Agile Testing

Changing from classical development to more agile approaches as well as the optimization of existing agile processes are big challenges for many projects. Necessary changes are often handicapped by the pressure of daily business and not fully trusted know-how in the team. Especially in the areas of testing and quality, there tend to be open questions and problems.

We accompany and support our clients comprehensively and individually concerning their quality assurance within agile methods.
Our goal is the consistent improvement of quality in the variety of disciplines of modern software development.
Our team members support you in the following roles:

  • Agile Tester
  • Agile Test Automation Engineer
  • Quality Coach

As part of your agile team our testers support you with broad knowledge in test design, agile testing methods, and agile practices. We can also consult and support you in the areas of requirements engineering and test automation. A good team work is as important as the successful communication with other stakeholders.

Our Quality Coaches help your teams and stakeholders to get a common understanding of quality and to align day to day tasks and processes to reach these quality goals.

To achieve this, not only do we look at the artifacts of agile development and the test strategy in place, we also focus on the collaboration with all stakeholders and personal skills of the team. Our quality coaches help you address quality requirements early in the development process, and see it through into production to track the success.

Build the right thing, and build the thing right!!!

Our agile test automation engineers consult and support you in the choice and implementation of suitable tools and frameworks. As part of your agile teams, they create new test scripts, improve and maintain existing ones, analyse the results and help you solve the problems and challenges of your test automation. With their special knowledge, they ensure that your test automation is stable and reliable, delivering trustworthy results.

Mobile Testing

Until 2021 there will be 12 billion connected mobile devices worldwide*. Are you ready for this? We are!

Despite the multitude of possible devices and input methods the most important factor stays the human being as user of mobile technologies. Your test strategy for mobile and connected products massively influences the quality and therefore the mobile experience of your product. Using our extensive experience we assist you with methods and technologies for mobile, in order to ascertain that the product meets the highest expectations.

Learn more about how we can help you and your mobile projects on the following pages.

* Source: Cisco

How do you develop top quality mobile apps which meet your customers’ expectations while circumventing increased costs of bug fixing?

Whether we talk about native, hybrid, web or IoT -  we will help you to develop a fitting test strategy that keeps your quality goals in focus.

We offer the following services:

  • Quickcheck Basic or Quickcheck Max:
    Our experts will check your app and present you with a report with feedback on what works and what is ready for improvement.
  • Workshop Mobile Test Strategy:
    A one day workshop where we work together with you on finding an effective test strategy for your product
  • Hosting a "Find the Mobile Bug” session on-site or in our offices
  • Consulting services regarding device groups, test scenarios, automation, build & test infrastructure, as well as crowd- and cloudtesting
  • Hands-on test support for your mobile app

Agile development and release cycles demand for testing that has the same pace and scalability. No problem using effective automation - in the right places.

Our automation experts support you with:

  • finding suitable automation tools that fit your tech stack, test level and use cases
  • Prioritising test cases for automation
  • Creation of Proofs of Concept (POCs) 
  • Hands-on automation help in your mobile project 


…and help you to hit the ground running when writing your own tests, e.g. via coding dojos, workshops or remote assistance.

If there is one crucial factor in defining mobile app quality feedback, it is probably usability. Customers are quick to delete apps they don’t like immediately, as they tend to have low frustration tolerance. This results in bad app store ratings, which in turn are hard to overcome.

This is a good reason why User Experience (UX), Usability und Perceived Performance (the actual performance as experienced by the end user) should be accounted for from the beginning - we call this the “mobile experience".

Would you like assess and improve the mobile experience of your app? Our following services can help you:

  • Creation of Mobile Experience Tests
  • Usability Rallyes
  • Field testing the mobile experience of your app (“testing in the wild")
  • Automation of mobile experience tests
  • Responsive testing of web apps und mobile websites
12 bn connected mobile devices until 2021*

Requirements Engineering

„Quality from the beginning“ is the key to a successful requirements engineering. Our mission is to achieve the best possible understanding of requirements within project teams.

The results of a requirements analysis constitute the groundwork for both the developer and the tester. The goal is to get rid of the traditional separation of responsibilities and to define and implement a requirements process that would satisfy all project stakeholders. In particular, we have an eye on the testability of your requirements from the very beginning.

No matter whether you apply an agile or a classic development process: we know which RE methodology should by utilized in a given situation in order to achieve your project goals on schedule.

Christian Brandes
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The real art of requirements discovery is discovering the real problem


We are a team of psychologists as well as learning and computer scientists. We combine modern technologies, software development methods and psychological concepts to promote agile learning.

After we failed to find a satysfying learning solution for QualityMinds, we decided to create our own. QualityMinds is dedicated to the quality of technical developments. We have recognized that quality depends on the contribution of each individual, and that placing people in the forefront is crucial. Therefore, we aim to promote people's strengths and interests. We want to encourage agility, team ownership and learning from mistakes - because only when we work together and quickly adapt to new requirements are we really successful. What does a learning solution look like that enables us to achieve this vision? We asked ourselves this question and that was the birth of our QualityLearning Team.

Our vision is depicted in QualityLearning, a learning framework that empowers holistic, individualized learning by bringing educational research and agility into practice. To ensure high scalability of this concept, we have furthermore developed a learning platform that uses artificial intelligence to accompany people throughout their learning journeys. For example, our RE team leader is on the road a lot, and likes to use this time. QualityLearning recommends podcasts suitable for his learning goals and follows this up with a test on the material. A colleague from the Testing Essentials Team doesn't just see her completed tasks in QualityLearning but also receives tips on how to integrate her learning more effectively into her daily routine.

We support each other in learning, above and beyond the platform. For example, colleagues from our Mobile and Agile Testing teams have successfully passed the ISTQB exam by regularly meeting to practice. Difficulties in projects and teams are also important to us, because we learn from them. We openly provide each other with feedback and reflect together in a special setting about what has led to a mistake and what we can do better next time. This enables us to continuously develop not only ourselves, but also our services and products.

We would like to pass our internal successes as well as experiences on to our customers. Whether a learning platform, learning concept, learning material or workshop - our goal is to develop the optimal learning solution for our customers. To achieve that, not only do we use analytical and consulting methods, but also agile practices and creativity techniques, such as personas, user story mapping, product canvas and impact mapping.

Our product - QualityLearning. technology-based learning platform, needs-oriented, individualized, goal-driven.


Consulting. agile, analytical, solution-oriented, efficient, geared towards our customers' needs and context.
Workshops. researched and successful, practical experience, tips and tricks, tailored to the needs of our customers.
Coaching. sustainable, on the job, goal-driven, empowering.

Find out more about our product and services:
Vera Gehlen-Baum: vera.gehlen-baum@qualityminds.de